Standard Reverse Osmosis Technique

Standard R.O. systems produce pure water (permeate) with standard quality - depending on the inlet water about 5 - 25 ┬ÁS/cm. For better rejections please choose our 2-stage R.O. systems.

Flow Type Picture
Small flows without pressure tank, standard rejection, inlet pressure > 3 bar
30-480 l/d
1-20 l/h
120 l/d
5 l/h
Excel DT
200-1,000 l/d
8-40 l/h
1,200-3,600 l/d
50-150 l/h
Excel Turbo Umkehrosmoseanlage Excel-Turbo 100 (2400 Liter pro Tag)
600-3,600 l/d
25-150 l/h
HP High Pressure
If the above unit have a too small flow we can offer you our large systems.