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filter tank Basic
Long known for large aquariums: now also the "Basic" filter tank for aquariums under 1000 litres.

There are two possibilities to accommodate the necessary filter technology (LSS) for an aquarium:

  • The technology is located in a separate part of the aquarium. Usually there is very little space here to make changes or extensions. The maintenance work is not easy because this chamber is usually installed on the rear wall of the aquarium. The advantage is that no drillings are necessary in the outer skin of the aquarium.
  • The filter technology is mounted in a separate filter tank. This tank can be installed next to, behind or under the aquarium. Prerequisites are drillings in the aquarium and a reasonably planned and professionally laid piping. It must also be ensured that no water can overflow in the event of a pump failure.

The Basic system consists of an inlet chamber, a degassing stage for the skimmer and a multifunction chamber.

  1. The aquarium discharge water first flows into the inlet stage, which can be equipped with heaters, measuring sensors and pre-filtration. This chamber is always filled with water - even if the circulation pump fails, for example in order to avoid heating damage and to keep the sensors of the measuring and control technology always in contact with water.
  2. The water then flows into the degassing chamber, where excess gases are drawn out of the water. If the filtration water is not degassed, unattractive air bubbles can form due to the return pump and cloud the view in the aquarium. The water from the high discharge skimmer should also flow into this chamber (discuss the necessary connection with us) to minimize discharge noise.
  3. The water then enters the multi-purpose chamber. Here, filters can be used as desired. The return pump, which pumps the water back into the aquarium, is also here. Automatic refill systems (using a float switch or float valve) should be installed in this chamber. Additional filters such as multifunction filter MF2, phosphate adsorber PMF, fluidized bed filter FBF, activated carbon filter AK, POC filter, globuli filter, lime water reactor KWR, nitrate filter ADN and fish drip chambers can be installed here.