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AquaCare Globuli-System AquaCare has developed an innovative aquarium system for the removal of waste materials and the supply of important substances for fish, corals and invertebrates - the so-called Globuli-System.

It is easy to use and effective in performance. The globules intended for the disposal of substances are called X-Globuli, all others that add substances to the water are called +Globuli.

The heart of the system is the MultiFunctionFilter - abbreviated MF2 - which is universally applicable for all filtration purposes. The AquaCare globules are most suitable for use in a fluidised bed or vertical flow filter operation. Each sphere is perfectly washed around by the aquarium water, so that the cleaning performance of the X-Globuli and the dissolution rate of the +Globuli are maximized. The globule filter filling cannot clog. All you have to do is replace the X-globules after exhaustion and replenish the +globules as needed.

If you no longer need a pellet filter, you can modify the filter for other applications. More information about the MultiFunctionFilter MF2 - Globuli-Filter.
The new series starts with size 50 (diameter: 50 mm) and will be successively expanded. In our e-shop you will find the new product with all accessories.