Quality Control at AquaCare

Quality control for skimmers and other filters

Quality control for reverse osmosis units

Many manufatures promote their quality control - we are doing something for it.

Quality control for skimmers and other filters

All filters are built of high-class plastics: large series with injection molded parts made by AquaCare and small series with semi-finished products made with CNC machined blanks.
A quality product commits - in conflict with cheap import products from Asia.
Additionally all produced filters are tested for waterproof to get a very low return rates. Functional parts e.g. injectors for skimmers are tested seperately to ensure a unitary quality standard. For small skimmers up to size ACF3000V-170 a self-developed injector test stand is used.
Injector test stand for small skimmers
For every injector the operation parameters inlet pressure, air flow, and vacuum power are recorded at defined water inlet flow. Only if the actual values reach the scheduled values the injector is delivered to the customer. If the aquarist see the AquaCare Quality Seal he is sure that he has got a quality product made in Germany. Pump stand for testing large skimmers

Large skimmers starting with ACF6000V are tested completely. Therefore the produced skimmer is connected to a self-developed pump test stand. The build-in pump is controlled by a frequency controller to ensure a large operation range from 4 to 110 m3/h. The water inlet flow is measured with a high-precision flow meter (accuracy below 0.2% of the measured value). The parameters air inlet flow, operation pressure and injector vacuum are recorded and written into the delivered papers. Additionally the function of the flushing nozzles in the skimmer cap are tested. The delivery happens only if all scheduled values are reached. Only with this system the customer gets what he has ordered.

Quality control for Reverse Osmosis Units

To test reverse osmosis units with pressure pumps it takes a little bit longer time. All finished units must run for minimum 24 hours at maximum pressure to make sure that all parts are tight. Within that time all membranes have reached their operation parameter. Afterwards the parameters pure water flow, rejection, operation pressure and electrical data are recorded. A CE conformity certificat is a must. On request all data and manuals are sent via email before the unit gets on its way to the customer.