Research by AquaCare

Since some decades AquaCare do applied research. Together with universities, research facilities and highly specialized companies new innovative products are developed.


 Name of project Project executing organisation / project partner / customer
Developing and structural implementation of a multi-functional biotechnological system for hatching plankton-depending farm animals concidering the recycling of the process water MWMTV
HUFA: Food chain bio-reactor for continuously breeding of plankton-depending farm animals in aqua culture system
ILAR = Improved LAravl Raising - Improvement of breeding fish larvae and selected invertebrates with the help of a model organsm

Physically and biologically characterisation of a plastic trickling filter material for biological filter systems
research assignment by a customer
ISAC = Improved Sexual and Asexual Coral-reproduction for conservation of the biodiversity in sensitive coastal regions and for prevention of animal removal for trading
AUV-Water = Development of novel antifouling UV flat reactors for the treatment of inflow and outflow water in seawater systems and aquaculture facilities