company building

AquaCare® GmbH & Co.KG is situated in Gladbeck, a small city in the heart of the Ruhrgebiet. The company was established in the year 1995 by the biologists Beate R. Sellner and Burkhard Ramsch.



The company is involved in innovative and trend-setting technologies in the field of water purification. The planned and build plants are distributed for drinking water production, brackish and sea water desalination, aqua culture systems, aquaristics (hobby and show size aquaria) and for laboratories. But in the field of air moistening de-ionized water gets more and more important, too.

Water Treatment via Membrane Technique

reverse osmosis unit

In den scope of drinking water production AquaCare® builds reverse osmosis units (R.O.) that produces pure water starting with 90 litres per day.

 reverse osmosis unit Excel DT 120
 reverse osmosis unit HP 750

High pressure units for instustrial purposes are produced up to some 100 m3/h. 

In the field of desalination AquaCare® offers R.O. trains with a capacity of 7 to 1500 tons per day. Of course the complete after sales service is available. Especially in the area of the Arabian states the maintaining is made by the subsidiary company “AquaCare-Egypt”. For pre-filtration of a reverse osmosis unit or for filtering flushing water of sand filters AquaCare constructs micro and ultra-filtration units in nearly every size.

reverse osmosis unit HP 720000

In the scope of pure water AquaCare constructs units that are designed depending on feed water quality, wished water flow and desired water quality from some litres per day to about 40 m3/h. Used techniques are reverse osmosis, ultra and micro filtration, adsorption, high efficient ion exchange, UV radiation and disinfecting.

Filter technique for Aquariums and Aqua Culture

skimmer technology

The activities of AquaCare® in the field of aqua culture and aquaristics implies consulting, planning and constructing of biological and physical water treatment plants for breeding and keeping of aquatic organisms in fresh and sea water. Supervision of the installed units or scientific inquests of biological or physical systems is another field of AquaCare® activity.

 filter system "Basic" with technique

 Turbo Chalk Reactor

The used components for big units are build on the customers demands – for small units different sizes of standard units are available.

 skimmer in the Red Sea

AquaCare® produces flotation units (skimmers) with the suspended flow technology. These units stand the test against many other systems and are characterized by an excellent gas enrichment and a fantastic flotation efficiency.

For fresh water uses AquaCare® builds dissolved flotation units for effective elimination of particles and organic substances..


A Step into future with Scientific Research

artemia salina

 technical centre: fish unit

Scientific assistance and consultation complete the conception of AquaCare®.

Most of the projects deal with the approach behavior and the long term stability of the installed plants. Other subjects are possibilities for saving energy and recources. Contract researches are availabel, too.

Together with research facilities in universities and industry AquaCare® works in the fields algae production, filtration techniques, breeding methods for plankton, corals and coral fishes, aqua culture systems and monitoring systems. The results are assimilated in new products.

 phaeodactylum tricornutum + artemia salinaalgae reactor with nannochloropsis salina