MultiFunctionFilter MF2

The universal filter for all purposes
The AquaCare Globuli system
Design table for your aquarium
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The universal filter for all purposes

In aquaristics, there are several different filter systems in circulation: from trickling filters to submersed filters such as downstream, upstream, fluidised bed and circulation filters. Not every filter material is suitable for every mode of operation. Some even require a certain type of filter to achieve optimum performance. The variety of filters is large and many devices stand around in the basement or attic because they are no longer needed. AquaCare has now developed the MF2, with which all operating variants are possible. It is possible to convert the filter from one mode of operation to another by simply rebuilding it with a few parts.
The MF2 can be installed directly in the filter basin, next to, below or above the aquarium. With the matching hang-on holder, the filter can also be placed on or in the aquarium or filter tank. A wall bracket allows mounting on a wall. The innovative hybrid closure is particularly practical. Strong cast-in neodymium magnets hold the cover securely on the filter head without the need to screw around. At higher pressures in the filter or in sensitive areas, the support of the cover can be reinforced with corrosion-resistant plastic screws. The filter connections are fitted as standard with grommets made of PA, but push-fit fittings, PVC fittings or other plastic fittings can also be used.

Trickling Filter
Tropfkörper In the trickle filter the water drips in an atmosphere via trickle filter material. Plastic bodies are used in seawater and other materials such as sintered glass are used in freshwater.
the water does not lose any oxygen (even enriches it) - very stable and maintenance-free operation
carbon dioxide is lost in fresh water - requires coarse filter material with a smaller surface area
Downstream Filter downstream The downstream filter also retains particles in fine filter material.
particle removal - also biologically active
must be rinsed regularly to avoid negative effects
Upstream Filter upstream Probably the most common filter for a variety of materials
universally applicable
with fine filter material, the filter must be rinsed regularly
Moving Bed
 Wirbelbett Some filter materials such as phosphate adsorbers develop maximum activity in the fluidized bed process.
maximum effectiveness and performance
not all materials can be used
Vertica Flow Filter
umlauffilter The vertical flow filter (VFF) is ideal for the X-Globuli and +Globuli developed by AquaCare.
Perfect dissolving properties of the +Globuli - maximum effectiveness of the X-Globules
not all materials can be used
Reverse Moving Bed
 reverses Wirbelbett For lighter materials (less specific gravity than water) the water flow must be directed from bottom to top to create a fluidised bed.
maximum effectiveness and performance
only very few materials can be used
Reverse Vertical Flow Filter
reverser Umlauffilter For lighter materials (less specific gravity than water) the water flow has to be guided from bottom to top to create a reverse circulation.
maximum effectiveness and performance
only very few materials can be used

Egg Tumbler

Eierinkubator  The egg incubator can be used to hatch fish and crab eggs.

Algae tube

Phytoplankton and zooplankton can also be cultivated in this device.

The available sizes of the MF2 filters can be found here.

The AquaCare Globuli-System

The Globuli system is a unique and innovative process that allows particles such as microalgae, protein additives and other substances to be dosed evenly. Unwanted substances can also be removed from the water.
The core of the Globuli system is the MF2 multi-function filter, which can also be used for all conventional filter materials without the Globuli system. The AquaCare globuli can be divided into two groups and are preferably operated in fluidised bed or vertical flow mode:

  • X-Globuli: can be used to remove substances. After exhaustion, the X-Globules must be replaced.
  • +Globuli: this filter material dissolves slowly and releases the substances bound in the polymer matrix and makes them available to the aquarium animals.
The following X-Globuli and +Globuli are currently available:

X-Globuli: these globuli remove substances
Phosphat-X-Globuli Highly efficient globules that permanently bind large amounts of phosphate and silicate. This filter material is a must for ultra-low-NP aquariums.
CO2-X-Globuli CO2-X-Globuli

The supply air for a skimmer is passed through a filter filled with CO2-X globuli and flows through the CO2 adsorber material. This removes the carbon dioxide and no longer leads to the formation of carbon dioxide in the skimmer, which lowers the pH value. The pH value in the aquarium water rises slightly. When the filter material is used up, it turns slightly purple and must be replaced with new CO2-X globuli. Even after a subsequent decolouration, the material must be replaced!

H2O-X-Globuli H2O-X-Globuli The AquaCare H2O-X-Globuli increase the performance of e.g. ozone devices by drying the supplied air. Only use the desiccant in airtight columns, e.g. in the AquaCare air drying module LTM or in the multifunction filter MF2. The air to be dried must be passed through the drying column. If the indicator beads become colourless over time, the drying agent can be regenerated. 
+Globuli: these globules provide the animals with valuable ingredients
POC+Globuli POC+Globuli The POC+Globuli are made of a biodegradable plastic (biopolymer) that is slowly decomposed by bacteria. The bacteria multiply and are flushed into the aquarium as bacterioplankton. The POC+Globuli are consumed very slowly, so that you only need to refill them every few months.

In conventional nitrate filters, POC globules can safely and easily denitrify nitrate without reducing the pH value.
MarineSnow+Globuli MarinSnow+Globuli MarineSnow+Globuli simulate the continuous precipitation of so-called marine snow. This consists of an inorganic matrix to which a number of essential organic substances are loosely bound. Corals and filter animals can recycle these particles and remove the important substances from the sea snow. These +globules dissolve completely within a few days.
In ultra-low-NP aquariums, please use the AminoVit+Globuli as an alternative.

Spirulina+Globuli Spirulina is a valuable blue-green algae (cyanobacterium). As a phytoplankton substitute, spirulina globuli can enrich seawater and improve the growth of filtering organisms. The micro-fauna is becoming more diverse.
These +globuli dissolve completely within a few days.


Especially in ultra-low-NP aquariums (very low nitrate and phosphate levels) AminoVit+Globuli can prevent water depletion. The substances bound to an inorganic matrix are released within a few days and supply corals and filter animals.
These +globuli dissolve completely within a few days.
In aquariums with medium and high nitrate and phosphate levels, it is better to use MarineSnow+Globuli.


These antioxidant-containing Globuli reduce the cell stress by free radicals and UV radiation. Fertility and immune defence are strengthened. The colour brilliance of the animals is increased.

All products of the AquaCare Globuli-System can be found here.

Design table for your aquarium (maximum aquarium volume and suitable inlet)

Filter material (in upstream operation, unless otherwise specified) MF2-50 MF2-70
POC+Globuli (Bio-Pellets) 250 litres
25 l/h

570 litres
50 l/h

all other +Globuli 100 litres
17 l/h
 230 litres
34 l/h
Phosphate-X-Globuli 110 litres
20-30 l/h
 250 litres
40-60 l/h 
simple Phosphate adsorber 110 litres
11 l/h
 250 litres
22 l/h 
activated carbon
(5 mm pellet)
160 litres
80 l/h
 340 litres
170 l/h
activated carbon
(5 mm pellet, downstream)
160 litres
170 l/h
340 litres
340 l/h
Zeolite, 0.3-1.5 mm
200 litres
80 l/h
 460 litres
170 l/h 
Quartz sand 0.4-0.8 mm 350 litres
70-90 l/h
 790 litres
160-190 l/h 

Calcium carbonate gravel 3-8 mm
(Neutralization for a conventional lime reactor)

50 litres
0,1 l/h
 115 litres
0,2 l/h
sulfur granules
(simple nitrate filter)
130 litres
0,3 l/h
 290 litres
0,8 l/h
trickling filter,
AquaCare PE-black (downstream)
50 litres
170 l/h
110 litres
340 l/h 

the indicated sizes are a recommendation and are valid for a colourful reef aquarium with a balanced ratio of fish and lower animals.

Available accessories

All MF2 MultiFunctionFilters are supplied with accessories so that the following filtration options can be realized:

  • upstream filter,
  • downstream filter,
  • moving bed MB,
  • vertical flow filter VFF (Globuli-Filter),
  • air dryers for ozone devices and
  • carbon dioxide adsorber for skimmers.

The following accessories extend the application possibilities and locations:

Accessories   Function
Holder The holder can be used to hang the MF2 filters directly on the aquarium or a filter basin (Hang On, Hang In). The holder can be used up to 12 mm glass thickness. Extreme hold is possible with the insertable silicone feet.
Wall bracket with a wall bracket you can fix the filter at a wall You will need two of these wall brackets to mount the MF2 filter on a wall.
Trickling filter insert and reverse fluidized bed This insert is required to build a trickling filter. An additional venting valve is practical.
Reverse vertical flow filter and reverse fluidized bed This insert is necessary to build a reverse circulation filter.
Sieve 3 mm lower sieve for filter materials larger than 3 mm
Sieve 5 mm lower sieve for filter materials larger than 5 mm
1000 µm egg tumbler
this set can be used for big fish and crab eggs
200 µm egg tumbler
this set is suitable for very small eggs

The complete accessories for the MF2 can be found here.